4B Hair Type and What You Should Know

4B Hair Type and What You Should Know4B Hair Type and What You Should Know

Are you confused by all of the hair typing? With so many types, it can get pretty confusing. Here is  some useful information about 4B hair type and what you should know.

Type 4B has a Z pattern, without a definite curl pattern.  It’s hair type doesn’t necessarily coil or curl but bends sharply back and forth like a Z.  4B hair has a cottony-texture and feel, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it is incredibly strong hair.  It can range from fine to coarse, but it is often very fragile and must always be handled with care.  This fragility makes protective styles, such as twists, braids and cornrows, very popular for those of us with delicate, natural hair.  4B hair, unstretched, often shrinks up to 75% of its actual length.

4B hair is not only fragile, it tangles and knots very easily if not properly cared for.  Detangling should  be a routine part of caring for your hair, as should keeping it regularly moisturized.  4B hair dries out very easily as well which leads to breakage.

It’s a good idea to know your hair type so you know how to treat it and which products are best for your hair, but this may seem like a lot to those who are newly natural!  However, when you recognize that you have 4B hair type and learn what you should know, you’ll see that coming up with a simple routine is not painful at all.

Many women with 4B hair have the routine of washing and detangling once a week, using conditioner several times per week and spraying water on their hair every day, locking in this moisture with some kind of oil every day.  Some good oils for your hair include olive, almond, avocado and castor oil.  Cocoa and shea butters are great for locking in moisture as well.  Each oil and butter has its own properties and its best to experiment to see what works well for your hair

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