Castor Oil for Natural Hair

Castor Oil for Natural Hair Benefits

Castor oil is a favorite among many naturals.  It’s deeply nourishing, being rich in essential fatty acids, ricinoleic acid and vitamin E. Castor oil is a pale yellow oil extracted from castor seeds.  It’s also an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
Castor Oil for natural hair
Unrefined castor oil, such as Jamaican black castor oil, is preferable over the refined  types, because it is more nutrient dense and contains more healing properties.  You can use castor oil as a hot oil treatment and its best to keep it in overnight, while you wear a plastic cap to protect your pillow, trap heat and encourage penetration of the oil into your hair. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

When used in your hair, this oil acts as a sealant, coating your hair shafts and smoothing the cuticle layers.  It is one of the few oils that is actually absorbed into your hair.  Castor oil also promotes hair growth, thickens hair, helps to reduce split ends and prevents scalp infections like ringworm or piedra.  Rubbing castor oil on your scalp will regenerate new hair growth and thicken hair within months.

Be warned, though!  Castor oil does not have the same consistency of most other oils that you’re probably used to.  Many women are instantly turned off to castor oil because it leaves their hair feeling sticky.  It doesn’t spread very well and it’s very thick.
To get the best use out of castor oil, make sure  your hair is wet before you apply it.  You also don’t need to use too much; a small amount goes a long way.  You may not need to use it on your entire head if you’re specifically trying to work on a  problem area.  Many women also like to mix castor oil with other, lighter oils to make it easier to use and apply.

Applying castor oil on your hair regularly will keep it soft, shiny and healthy!

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