Going Natural

Going NaturalGoing Natural

Getting started on your natural journey can be liberating, frustrating, terrifying or lots of fun.  Women choose to go natural for all kinds of reasons, some are just ready for a change and some are ready to break from the bondage of using chemicals all the time.

I’ll be honest with you.  It’s not always easy to deal with natural hair, especially if you’ve never had to before.  You’ll likely experience breakage, shrinkage, dryness and dullness at some points along your journey.  But many women say that all of this is worth it just to be able to embrace the hair texture they were born with, to save hundreds of dollars a year from not going to the salon all the time, from the freedom from excessive heat, damaged hair and placing potent and potentially harmful chemicals right near their brain every few weeks.

If you’ve decided to take the leap into the natural hair community and lifestyle, get ready for some pretty major changes in your life!  You have a few different choices.  You can do the big chop, which refers to cutting all of your chemically treated hair off.  It may be difficult for some to handle such short hair, but this is the quickest way to be done with straightened hair once and for all.  You could also simply allow your natural hair to grow in underneath your treated hair, but you’ll have to keep up with two textures if you go this route.  One other choice is to simply put your hair in braids, twists or another protective style and just wait for your hair to grow to a length that is more acceptable to you.

Waiting for your hair to grow to a length that you perhaps were used to from enforce your big chop may take anywhere from months to over a year, so if you decide to go that route, you should pay close attention to styling because you’re going to want to look as good as possible while you’re going through this journey, and there are just tons of adorable, fashionable, professional and glamorous styles that you can do on your hair while it is short.  Also, don’t forget about accessories!  A great pair of earrings go wonderfully with a twa, or “teeny weeny Afro.”

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