How to Prevent Split Ends

Ways to Prevent Split Ends

Split ends

Short of cutting your hair, there is no real way to remove split ends.  Here is a quick guide on how to prevent split ends.

Split ends happen when the hair shaft begins to break apart.  Hair that is chronically brittle and dry will naturally begin to chip and unravel.  Trimming your ends regularly with high quality hair shears is great a preventative if you are prone to split ends.  Make sure the shears are sharp and are only used for your hair.  When trimming, make the cut straight across and make sure that your hair is not too wet.  Alternatively, get a professional trim.

Avoiding heat on your hair is another preventative.  Using too much heat in the form of blow dryers, hot irons and curling irons may cause irreparable damage to your hair and in fact, heat is one of the main causes of split ends.  This is because heat alters your hair’s protein structure and reduces the natural moisture balance in your hair.

Do deep conditioning treatments regularly, at least twice a month.  This will strengthen your hair and protect it from damage.  Protein treatments will reinforce the hair shaft and cuticle.

Also, avoid too many chemicals in your hair, including perming and dyeing.  These chemicals work by entering deeply into the cuticle of the hair, and will eventually break down and damage it, causing split ends or worse.  If you feel you must use chemicals in your hair, use the gentlest formulas that you can find and make sure to use a deep conditioner often.

Protect your hair when you swim, whether you a going into a chlorine-filled pool or nature’s oceans and lakes.  You could wear a swim cap or use a leave-in conditioner before you swim.  As soon as you are done, wash your hair.

This is a guide on how to prevent split ends.  Take good care of your hair and you hopefully won’t have to deal with this problem.

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