How to Straighten Natural Black Hair

How to Straighten Natural Black Hair

How to Straighten Natural Black Hair

Straight Natural Black Hair

Written by Luiza Mabaso

Edited by Naturalbella for My Natural Black Hair

A lot of women use heat as a medium to keep their hair straight. Whether you’re natural and feel like having your naturally curly hair straightened or relaxed and you wish to keep your hair that way, you will need to use a styling tool such as a blow dryer, straightening comb, or flat iron to achieve the desired look.

If you do not use heat styling tools seldom and with care you hair may endure severe damage.

In this article I will discuss how to have a happy heat styling journey and some treatments you can use to help you along the way.

First things first before applying heat to your hair make sure your hair is healthy enough to withstand heat because it can be damaging. If you are experiencing excessive breakage you may want to avoid applying heat to your hair until the matter is under control.

Here is a checklist:

Do you have regular protein treatments? Every 2-3 weeks you should be applying a deep conditioning treatment to your hair for instance Henna or Hot Oil treatment.

Do you have a good hair moisture level? If your hair is too dry it will snap right off if heat is applied regularly.

How is your hair porosity?Hair that is highly porous will takes in more heat, which could lead to severe heat damaged hair.

Before using dry heat:

  • Towel dry your hair thoroughly. Do not rub vigoroursly since this will lift the cuticles on the hair shaft, which may weaken the hair. Note: Hair that is wet will tend to break during the application of heat, due to the fact that it stretches and it has been weakened.
  • Before applying heat make sure you have a good heat protectant such as, coconut oil, Chi Silk fusion, Shea butter, or any other natural oil as a heat protectant.
  • Implement the distance rule when blow-drying- 10 inches in most cases.
  • Use great caution when blow-drying. Utilize a Tangle Teezer or and detangling comb prior to blow drying or flat ironing. You want to avoid possibly creating tangles and knots.

 Chi Protectant for Natural Black Hair

When applying heat: 

  • Section the hair into four part using hair clips to minimize tangling and knots. (2 sections in the front and 2 sections in the back)
  • Start blow-drying on the back sections first to prevent moisture from dripping onto the section you have already worked on.
  • After you have sectioned your hair, spray a little bit of Chi 44 Iron guard on the section you’re about to work on.
  • Use the Tangle Teezer to help detangle your hair and to make sure there are no knots. Next take the rounded hairbrush and swoop up some hair, then use the hair dryer at an angle to blow dry. ( using the blow dryer at an angle will help your hair dry quicker).
  • Use a low or medium heat to blow-dry your hair
  •  Do not blow dry your hair 100 percent dry.  Allow your hair to air dry some, or sit under a dryer to allow your scalp to dry. The less heat you use, the better.
  • Do not blow dry dripping wet because you may damage the hair shaft. Instead blot your hair with a towel to remove excess water.
  • This is how you will work through the whole blow- drying phase.
  • Plug-in Irons are recommended over stove irons. This is because with plug-in irons you can set the temperature to a desirable heat, so that you don’t have to worry about leaving the iron on the stove too long and burning your hair.
  • Use ceramic hot irons with baked-on ceramic plates. I believe they do the best job at straightening the hair. Plus they are much friendlier to the hair and do not cause as much damage.
  • Do not apply too much heat. There is no need to blow-dry, straighten with a comb, flat iron, and then use curling irons. Eliminate the use of a straightening comb if you are going to flat iron your hair.

Hope these tips help you with your heat styling on natural black hair!

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