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Other Interesting Natural Hair Care Blogs

Noteworthy Natural Hair Care Blogs I believe it’s always great to look at more than one source for encouragement and advice. Natural hair care blogs are giving African American women the encouragement and knowledge on how to care for natural hairstyles.

Black women are transitioning from chemical treatments and heat to start embracing their natural look. It’s everywhere – on television, social media, and in public. It’s hard not to spot a confident black woman rocking natural hair wherever you go.  Of course, it takes preparation and knowledge to get your hair back to its natural state and that’s why these blogs along with My Natural Black Hair are here to help.

Here are a few other note-worthy natural hair care blogs that offer advice, testimonials, and styling ideas:

This blog gives valuable tips on the styling your hair and developing healthy natural hair care routines and setting goals to achieve your desired result. Track the journeys of exciting women as they embark on inspirational natural hair care journeys. is an intricate website filled with hair tips, styles, and products that are suited for natural hair. It’s equally entertaining often offering unique articles about the history of hair and providing a candid list of user blogs. Learn how to exercise with natural hair and give yourself a hair makeover that will make great impressions. Also, visitors can read reviews of real people who have used these products before making a decision.

This website extends beyond solely offering natural hair health care advice, it also has entertaining articles about natural protégés. Visitors can gather extraordinary tips about natural “Afropunk” hairstyles or more common venues such as inspiration for natural brides to be. understands the curiosities of women who want to learn more about transitioning. If you’re considering the switch, you will enjoy browsing through candid photos comparing natural hair to processed hair. With major topics such as “natural celebrities”, “natural style of the day” and “hair stories”, this website will definitely provide insightful hair ideas. Learn which salons are in your area and keep tracking to see who will be America’s Next Natural Model! gives an interesting perspective into caring for natural black hair by offering encouraging articles that give women valuable advice such as making natural hair care products at home or how not to damage your natural hair with braids. Browse the selection of helpful tips and other very informative articles to learn unique ways to care for your natural hair.

Women who have documented their transition from chemically processed hair to a more natural look can trust these natural hair care blogs to inspire them by giving valuable advice and providing encouragement!

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