Natural Hair Care for Kids

Natural Hair Care for KidsNatural Hair Care for Kids

There are simply too many little girls out there who have  no memory of their natural hair texture.  If you’re committed to keeping your daughter’s hair natural, read on for some tips on natural hair care for kids.

Your toddlers and very young children simply don’t need the amount of products that you might.  You can just gently brush her hair with a soft-bristle brush, detangling it with a small amount of natural oil or conditioner.  natural hairstyles for kids

Some things you should really avoid when it comes to your child’s hair are styles that are too tight, metal accessories, rubber bands and too much product.  This is because her young scalp is still developing and dealing  too  harshly with her hair may cause damage or hair loss.  The key is  to be gentle and to use gentle shampoos and conditioners.

When your daughter is a bit older and you’re ready to start styling, before styling, remember to choose a sensible time to begin, as  it may take  a while.  Don’t start styling a half hour before you need to go out or twenty minutes before bedtime.  Also, try to make styling time fun and comfortable.  Make sure she has visited the potty, that she’s got a  snack ready, that the chair she’s on is comfortable for her.  Try to make this a  fun time between mom and daughter, and not a terrible chore for the both of you.

cute natural hairstyles for kids

The most  important thing to remember  when it comes to natural hair and kids is that less is more.  As parents, we can instill a real sense of self esteem in our daughters from an early age.  We can teach them that they don’t need weaves and relaxers from the age of four or even younger, and that they are beautiful just the way they are.  You can reinforce this idea with the many books and toys that have shown up on the market recently.

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