Natural Hair Care Ideas

Ideas for Natural Hair CareNatural Hair Care Ideas

Whether you’re new to the natural hair community and lifestyle or you’re already a pro, new and fresh ideas are always fun.  Here are some hair care tips that you may enjoy.

One important thing to remember is to never detangle your hair when it’s completely dry.  Perhaps you didn’t know that it’s just as crucial not to detangle or style your hair when it’s soaking wet, either. When your hair is soaking wet, it’s even more prone to breakage and tangling.  It’s best to detangle you hair with some leave-in conditioner and a little bit of water.  If you spritz your hair with water from a bottle as you’re detangling it, that should be the right amount.

Another tip: protective styles are not always good!  Protective styles are not for everyone, especially if you’re one to leave them in for a bit too long, allowing your hair to start the locking process.  If length is not a concern for you, or if you can retain length without the use of protective styles, consider some low maintenance styles instead.  Protective styles should also not place too much tension on your head, as pulling your hair too tightly will only lead to breakage.

It is also entirely possible to over condition your hair.  If you condition your hair everyday or leave your conditioner in too long, it may turn greasy, limp, puffy or frizzy.  If this happens, use a sulfate-free shampoo and lay off the conditioners for a week or so. You could also clarify your hair with apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

When the weather turns cold, it is especially important to give your hair extra attention. Cold weather can turn textured hair dull and brittle, so make sure to use a water based moisturizer and do weekly protein treatments.

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