Natural Hair Products for Locs

The Best Natural Hair Products for Locs

While everyone else is trying their hardest to prevent knots and keep their hair from tangling, those with locs, whether they are baby locs or mature locs, are in an entirely different place.  Natural hair needs natural products.  Here are the best natural hair products for locs.
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When shampooing your locs, you need a shampoo that is not going to leave you with lots of residue, which is anything at all that your shampoo leaves behind when you wash it off.  Many shampoos leave fragrances behind, but in reality, this is a residue.  When growing locs, they need to be really squeaky clean in order to knot easily.  Any residue at all will reduce the natural friction in your  hair, making it more difficult to tangle and knot.

If your shampoo contains anything that will leave a residue, your hair will also take longer to dry, which can lead to problems like mildew or mold growing inside of the locs.  If you use the right type  of shampoo and allowing your hair to dry properly, you will likely avoid this problem.  Knatty Dread makes a shampoo specifically for locs that works really well.

When it comes to conditioner, many women choose to skip this step.  There is, again, the problem with residue and many women have reported anecdotally that conditioner makes their locs clumpy and even break off or unwind.

Defrizzers are great for loose baby locs, to get them going.  Knotty Boy makes a great defrizzer, specifically for locs, which contains waxes and oils.  Plain aloe vera juice also does a fabulous job at making your locs less frizzy.

There is an array of natural hair products for locs, including accelerators, tighteners and moisturizers.  What you should stay away from are gels, styling mousse and hair sprays because they are not natural at all and will likely leave your locs a big mess.  You want to have happy, healthy locs with a beautiful sheen and no buildup.

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