OMG! Why is My Hair Texture Changing?

Natural Black Hair Texture Change

Why has my natural hair texture changed?

I’ve heard it several times by many naturals “my hair texture has changed!” Surprisingly, quite a few discover right after going natural that regardless of just how much they enable their tresses to grow out, the natural black hair texture just isn’t quite what they had anticipated.

Since I kept hearing this concern, I decided to do some research to find out why some individuals naturally curly hair has changed textures. Here’s what I was able to come up with!

Oxygen Influence on Hair

Some alterations in hair texture can be an effect of air exposure.  You might not be aware but several individuals who get braids or cornrows over a prolonged time period may find their locks are finer or thinner than if they had not worn them. If the same men and women stay away from these styles, as time passes, their hair may begin to become thicker.

As soon as the hair sprouts out from your scalp, it’s dead, however it may still be influenced by environment elements.  Environmental sun damage, humidness, hair styling harm, high temperature injury, calcium in the water, and so on…all could affect our hairs’ situation, texture and wellness…these elements consist of oxygen direct exposure.

For these reason women that maintain short natural hair (2 or less inches) may seem to have a single texture, however when they enable their hair to grow to longer lengths they notice a change in the texture.  Now the level of difference will vary from person to person, however, invariably their will be a difference in most cases.

Destroyed Hair

Seriously destroyed hair will significantly affect the texture of your hair. Women of all ages, and guys, as well, may have their hair relaxed, highlighted, dyed, or heat straightened on a consistent basis. Then they’ll turn around and use a shampoo or conditioner loaded with sulfates, and then they’ll use a high heat blow dryer to dry their hair. After this they’ll style their hair using a straightening iron, curling iron or heat rollers. Unfortunately, doing any of these items on a regular basis may rob the hair of it’s natural oils, fry the hair shafts and may even harm the hair follicles. Hair that may be significantly destroyed by products, treatments as well as heat will seem to be stringy, dry, frizzy and brittle.


There are a few medication drugs that can bring on a significant alteration in the hair texture and the natural oils generated by the hair follicles. Some birth controls, anti-epileptic drugs, osteoporosis medications, anti-depressants along with other medications can transform the natural black hair texture. In the event you encounter very dry hair and textural variations soon after you started taking a new medication – It may take several months before you notice any changes – consult with your physician regarding these changes.

Scab Hair

Whatever we see growing from the skin signifies a long part of our hair but there’s additionally a part of hair that is present just beneath the scalp.  Basically, it’s new-growth which has yet to come out.  Whenever we use chemicals such as relaxers on the hair, the processed hair influences the hair just beneath the scalp as well. The hair that is just below the scalp that is slightly relaxed is known as “scab hair”.

Many individuals think whenever they go through the Big Chop the new growth is their genuine texture. We might be made to believe this smoother, straighter hair is a genuine portrayal of our own hair in the all-natural condition. Nonetheless, in the long run, hair that may be just beneath the crown that hasn’t been influenced by chemical substances will come out as being the new, new-growth and its particular texture is going to be significantly distinctive from the prior set of chemically transformed hair.

Therefore, the hair texture may appear to be changing for the women who decided to transition to natural hair by means of the BC. A lot of women have found the need to cut their hair a second time after a few weeks of undergoing the Big Chop.

Unhealthy Natural Black Hair


Shifting hormones in both women and men, in addition to girls and boys, may cause hair texture to switch significantly. Fragile and dry hair could possibly be the consequence of a thyroid deficiency. If the thyroid gland does not generate the appropriate levels of triiodothyronine and thyroxine the hair can become fragile and thin. Insufficient or an excessive amount of insulin development may also result in a fully textural alteration of hair, in addition to hair thinning.

A change in hormones in the course of puberty can transform very straight, smooth and oily hair right into thicker and coarse curls in lots of teenagers. It’s also common for ladies to experience changes in their texture, volume and growth while pregnant as a result of increased levels of the estrogen hormones.

Have you experienced any changes in your hair texture? Leave a comment below, we want to hear!

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