Organic Natural Hair Products

Organic Products for Natural Hair

Many in the natural hair community give a lot of thought to what products and ingredients go into their hair and on their scalps.   Organic natural hair products generally do not contain harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, sulfur or aluminum lauryl sulfate and so are much gentler on your hair.  A general rule is that the kinkier your hair is, the more fragile it is, so it really pays off to give close attention to what products you use.

Products that contain organic shea butter, avocaorganic shampoo for natural hairdo oil, neem oil and other natural botanicals and herbs will nourish your hair and scalp. If you can find these products in their organic forms, that’s even more chemicals and pesticide residues that you’re keeping out of your hair, scalp and very possibly, your blood stream.

Organic products are not only better for your health, they are better for the environment, as well.  The problem with pesticides is what once they are used, they never really disappear.  An apple grown with pesticides will always have traces of pesticides, which are known to be not only allergens but also carcinogens.  Organic farmers promote your health and the health of the environment.

There are many terrific organic products you can use in your hair.   Lots of them will cost a fortune, but not all of them will.  Giovanni, Aubrey Organics, My Honey Child, Belle Butters, Bee Mine and Shea Moisture are all companies that offer high quality organic natural hair care products.  The are great for you and not completely unaffordable, ranging in price from around ten dollars to $20.  So it’s true, you can be a product junkie and use only the best products at the same time.

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