Protein Treatment for Natural Hair

Protein Treatment for Natural Hair

There are tons of advantages to using a protein treatment for natural hair.  Protein treatments strengthen your hair and are essential if your hair is brittle, prone to breakage and coarse.  You’ll find that your hair is much softer, healthier and more full after a protein treatment.  Avocado hair treatment for natural hair

With air pollution, less than perfect diets and at times, treating our hair too harshly, most of us have hair that is somewhat damaged.  Our hair needs a balance of oils, proteins and other nutrients in order to maintain healthy roots.  Hair is over 90 percent protein so it is sensible to treat your hair with protein.

Protein conditioners will protect and strengthen your hair.  The protein in these products attach to your hair follicles, making a barrier, which protects it from further damage.  You can find reconstructors, deep penetrating treatments, protein packs and lighter protein treatments and that is in order of the severity of the damage of your hair.  If your hair badly needs a lot of help, try a reconstructor.  For routine treatments, use the lighter treatments.

If you overdo protein treatments, you’ll probably  find that your hair will become quite stiff and hard, but light treatments every month or two seem to work for many women who have little to no damage.  You may need more, however, depending on the condition of your hair. You will have to experiment to see what works best for you.

You could also try your hand and making your own protein treatments at home.  With ingredients like raw eggs, avocados, mayonnaise, yogurt, honey, milk and a nice mixture of oils, like castor oil and olive oil, you can make a very effective treatment.  Simply mix your ingredients together and leave the mixture in your hair for up to half an hour.  This is a nice light treatment that you can give yourself as much as once a week.

If you do decide to buy your treatment, buy one that is suitable for your hair and follow directions carefully. Don’t forget to give your hair some extra moisture following your protein treatment.  For natural hair, these treatments are extremely useful and can even help your hair grow longer.

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