Straw Set Natural Hair

How to Straw Set Natural Hair

Straw sets are a stylish and convenient way to wear natural hair.  Straw sets will give you curls that will last for a week or more.  This look can be acheived using curlformers, flexirods or actual drinking straws. Straw sets are a bit time consuming to set up, but the results are really worth it, and they are almost fail proof.

A straw set is a roller set done with small straws.  Once the straws are set and the hair dries, pencil thin curls and coils result.  This is also a great style for those transitioning from relaxed hair to natural, or for those with relaxed hair who would like to take a look at themselves with tight curls!

To give yourself a straw set, you’ll need to shampoo, condition and mouisturize your hair.  Don’t dry it too thoroughly.  Spray your hair with a setting lotion.  The more setting lotion you use, the tighter your set will be.

Then, divide your hair into manageable sections.  Take a straw and wrap an inch-width of hair around in like a spiral and pin it secure with bobby pins.  Do this to your entire head.  This will take a long time to complete!  Get comfortable; pop a whole lot of popcorn and put a good movie on.

When you’re all done, let your hair air-dry or use a hair dryer. If you decide to let them air-dry, you could always put a cap on your head and sleep with them. Remove the bobby pins and the straws and you’ll have a really great set of curls!  Open up the curls for a different look.  Straw sets and natural hair go wonderfully together.

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