Taking Care Of Your Natural Type 4c Hair

Beautiful Type 4c Hair

Caring for Type 4c Hair

Type 4c hair can be particularly hard to style, take care of and maintain, especially for those who choose to wear it naturally. The curl patterns are mainly composed of thin, soft, coarse or fine hair with densely packed strands. For the women who want to go for the natural look, this hair can produce a very nice curly look if styled correctly.

At times it becomes disappointing when some of the areas have very nice curls and the rest have a matted look. The curls and the high strand density render this type of hair susceptible to clumping up and this easily results in breakage during combing or flattening. The hair can also shrink by over 80%.

Caring and styling requires some knowledge about hair maintenance. Whether you choose to relax, texturize, or wear this type naturally, proper care is needed to ensure that it does not break. In this way, you get the great look that you desire.

The most difficult part about styling the 4C strands, if worn naturally, is that very few people get the look that they have in mind at the first try. The vast majority quickly resort to relaxing or texturizing after this. The decision to go natural is not easy in the first place. Due to the high maintenance demand, it may be too expensive to have your style done in a salon. If you are making the decision to go natural you need to get prepared to not just learn how to style your tresses, but also to learn holistic care.

A holistic knowledge of your hair enables you to appreciate your natural look even when it does not really work for you. Through this you get the courage to try out different styling options until you get one style that goes with your personality and look. With the styling in mind, caring for the style to ensure that it looks good, remains healthy, and does not break, will be very easy.

The Basics of Taking Care of  Type 4c Natural Hair

The first step to having healthy and great looking strands is cleaning. For natural black hair, a thorough cleaning once every few days and a daily leave-in-conditioner or moisturizing cream is a must. After this you need to detangle with a large toothcomb. Applying a top quality conditioner after this step and curl cream will give you well-defined curls and you can arrange your style to the specific manner or design that works for you.

Applying a good moisturizer replaces the moisture lost by the strands to the natural elements. In the evenings, a lot of moisture is lost to your pillow and bedding as you sleep. It is therefore important to apply a moisturizer and if possible wrap up your head with a satin bonnet before you go to bed.

The type of products you select for conditioning and moisturizing 4c hair is a great determinant of the final look that you get and the general health. Choosing products that have great reviews in the market is a great first step. Natural care products should also provide you with the nutrients that are needed to keep looking great and stylish.

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