What is My Hair Type – 4a,4b or 4c?

How To Determine Your Hair Type

You’ve probably heard people say I have 4a, 4b or 4c hair and have wondered what this all mean. I know when I heard this the first time I was completely puzzled. Was this a new way of defining weaves or wigs??? Ummmm…Well, as I looked further into the meaning here’s what I found out:

Andre Walker, Oprah’s very talented hair stylist spent some time working out a naturally curly hair types system. His system is the first of it’s kind to help define hair textures. This typing method groups numerous hair structure and breaks each hair kind into 4 kinds with additional sub groups. I also learned finding out your hair type may help you decide on products and styles that best suit your hair, but it is nothing you should obsess over.

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